AoPS Academy Philosophy

Exploration meets challenge at AoPS Academy Virtual Campus. All AoPS Academy courses center on the following principles.

  • Tough but Accessible Challenges: Students engage with deep and rigorous problem solving that teaches them how to approach difficult, unfamiliar challenges. The Beast Academy comic-style curriculum keeps students captivated and engaged in learning.
  • Active Learning: When given an unfamiliar concept, students approach problems directly. Instructors guide student progress with motivating questions, and only provide direct commentary to reinforce key insights after students have come up with their own solutions.
  • Outstanding Peer Group: Students join an outstanding peer group that connects, collaborates, and challenges one another. At the AoPS Academy Virtual Campus, students can now meet with incredible classmates from across the country through the online classroom.
  • Effective Communication: Students develop the communication skills to express their ideas effectively in any subject. Our math courses are designed to create a supportive environment of kind collaboration where students are encouraged to be curious and take intellectual risks. This process helps develop their ability to communicate advanced mathematical ideas clearly and effectively with peers and their instructor.

Successful Student Showcase

USAMO Winners
Melody Guan
Luke Robitaille
Celine Liang
Espen Slettnes
Maria Monks Gillespie
Evan Chen
Elissa Redmiles
Arjun Ramani
Blythe Davis
Alfredo Alef Pineda Reyes
Girishvar Venkat
Davie Rolnick
Francisco Proskauer
Derek Liu
Juan Carlos Ortiz Rhoton

AoPS Curriculum & History

We’ve carefully designed our curriculum to prepare students for the rigors of advanced university classes and highly competitive careers.
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1993 - first AoPS book published
2003 - first online class held
100 countries - textbooks distributed in over 100 countries
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8 states - physical learning centers across 8 states
Students reading books at AoPS Academy
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